What to do with Reclusive Cats

Cats exist with all sorts of personalities, no different from humans. So what do you do when your cat shuns attention from anything and seems to shut herself in? For the best information, check with your Olathe, KS vet clinic.


Mental health is just as important to keep up with in our pets. You never know what could be the contributing factors to your cat’s lack of engagement. Look for additional signs of trouble such as markers for anxiety. Ask your Olathe, KS vet clinic for warning signs.

Gentle Interaction

Start with small attempts to play. You could try some new toys or treats. These can be incredibly effective for coaxing the little guy out. Your Olathe, KS vet clinic will know what’s best.

An active cat is a happy cat. Make sure she’s getting enough exercise. There are a host of potential issues which could be the root. A solid relationship with your Pet Clinic Olathe, KS will help as they will better know the quirks of your pet.

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