What Your Cat’s Tail Can Tell You

Aside from vocalizations, our cats’ tail positions are one of the primary ways that they communicate with their human counterparts. Have you ever wondered what your cat might be trying to say? Your Livonia, MI vet gives you a bit of insight below.

The Playful Position

Many cats hold their tail in a gentle curve when they’re feeling amused and playful. Oblige your cat if you see her tail held this way—use toys or entice your feline friend with a few treats.

The Flagpole Position

Cats often hold the tail in a straight, rigid position; some people refer to this as the “flagpole.” It generally means that your cat is feeling confident, self-assured, and poised. She’ll likely be up for a petting session when the tail is held like this!

The Tail Wrap

Have you ever noticed your cat wrapping the tail around your leg, or even around another pet in the house? This is your cat’s way of showing affection; it’s much like wrapping an arm around a close friend or relative!

Keep in mind that all cats are different. If you would like more insight into your particular pet’s communications, ask your Pet Clinic Livonia, MI for help.

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