What’s Behind My Cat’s Kneading Behavior?

You’ve probably seen your cat knead before. This refers to the pressing of the front paws into an object in an alternating fashion—some call it “making dough.” While no one knows the exact reason that cats do this, there are several possibilities. Learn more here from vets San Antonio, TX. 

Preparing for Naps

Experts believe that ancient wild cats kneaded dirt or grass surfaces in the fields, preparing these areas for them and their offspring to sleep on. Your modern day house cat is likely doing the same thing—you’ve definitely seen your cat knead before bedding down for a nap! 

Nursing Instincts

Kittens knead their mother’s belly while nursing. It’s thought to stimulate milk production. It’s very possible that your adult cat performs this behavior as a sort of leftover remnant from kitten-hood. She might even associate the positive and contented feelings of nursing with the kneading motion! 

Territory Marking

Your cat’s paw pads contain scent glands. When she kneads, those glands release scents into the object she’s kneading, thereby marking it as her own. 

Want to learn more about your feline friend’s behavior? Does your cat need a veterinary checkup? Call your animal hospital San Antonio, TX today.

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