When Your Dog Runs Away

It can be heartbreaking when the family dog disappears. It is an unfortunate reality that at their hearts, dogs are primal creatures and love to run free on occasion. So what can you do about this? Check with your Vancouver vet clinic for the best answers.

  1. Microchipping

In this day and time, microchipping has become very affordable. It will also ensure that you find your furry little guy should he jump the coop. For more, check with your Vancouver vet clinic.

  1. Secure Everything

Make sure that if the dog is inside all doors and windows are secure, and that if the dog is outside, that her pen can prevent its escape attempts. For the best in this, check with your Vancouver vet clinic.

  1. Be Careful

Dogs can be patient and wait for the perfect moment to strike! When opening a door or window, keep a close eye on them and make sure that Fido doesn’t try to jump past you. For more information on preventing runaway dogs, check with your Vancouver vet clinic.

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