Where to Put Your Cat’s Bathroom Box

Did you know that the placement of your cat’s litter box is very important? Making careful considerations on where the box goes is key for getting your cat to use her bathroom successfully. Here are a few tips from a vet clinic Murrieta, CA on litter-box placement: 

In a quiet spot.

No one likes to use the bathroom in a place that’s crowded and noisy. That includes your cat. Put the box in a quiet area like a laundry room, basement, or private bathroom. This ensures that your cat can do her business in peace, without being disturbed. 

Far away from food.

Cats don’t like to use the bathroom close to where they eat. Who can blame them? It’s always best to put your cat’s bathroom and her food and water dishes in two separate areas. Cats have been known to stop eating and drinking if their bathroom is in close proximity! 

In an easy-access location. 

It’s easy to allow a screen door, sliding door, or some other physical barrier to block your cat’s path to her box, especially when you’re not at home. Make sure this isn’t the case in your house!

Call your animal hospital Murrieta, CA for more tips.

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