Why Adopt an Older Pet?

In the market for a pet? Perhaps you should consider an older animal rather than a puppy or kitten. Here, your Neptune Beach, FL vet tells you why.

Energy Level

Many prospective pet owners simply aren’t prepared to deal with the rambunctious, high-energy nature of a young animal. Avoid this trouble by adopting an older pet. Older animals aren’t looking to run around excitedly all day; they’ll probably be happy to lounge around most of the time, making your life a lot easier.

Behavior and Training

Since older pets have likely already lived with humans, you won’t have to go through training regimens to prevent chewing, house soiling, and the like. Older pets are already acclimated to being part of a human family in a home. Plus, they may come with commands “built in,” so to speak, relieving you of the duty of training your new pet to “come,” “sit,” or “stay.”

If you’re thinking of adopting a new pet but aren’t looking for the responsibility that comes with a puppy or kitten, consider adopting an elderly animal. They need loving homes as much as any pet, and make great companions! Ask your Neptune Beach, FL vet for more advice.

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