Why Cats Purr

We all know that cats purr when they’re happy – but there are other reasons, too. Scientists still aren’t sure how they do it, but have learned more about why. Your keyword can tell you more about your cat’s behavior.


Purring is good for cats’ bone density, as well as other things. An injured cat may purr to help himself heal. It’s good for humans, too – petting a purring cat can lower your blood pressure! Although cats can help heal themselves, if your cat is injured, it’s best to see your Myrtle Beach vet.


Purring has a calming effect on cats that are scared or stressed, so they may do it in a high-stress situation. If you think your cat may be highly anxious, talk to your Myrtle Beach vet.


A hungry cat may purr to ask for food. These “solicitation purrs” sound slightly different than happy purrs and are usually accompanied by a high-pitched meow. If your cat begs even when he has plenty of food, it may be time to switch types. Talk to your veterinarians Myrtle Beach, SC about what food is best for your cat.

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