Why Get Your Pet a Microchip?

You’ve probably heard of microchips for pets by now; they’re the absolute best way to keep your animal companion properly identified. Learn about microchips’ benefits below from your Indianapolis, IN veterinarian.

Constant Identification

Pets cannot remove microchips, as they’re implanted under the skin. Some animals may be able to chew, slip, or rip off a collar containing ID tags, but microchips aren’t going anywhere. This way, you’ll never have to worry about your pet going unidentified, even if an unexpected escape occurs.

Easy to Update

If you move or have a change of telephone number, you don’t have to get a whole new microchip. Simply contact the microchip manufacturer, and they’ll update the chip electronically without ever seeing your pet in person.

Security of Personal Information

Don’t like the idea of your phone number or home address being displayed on your pet’s collar tags? A microchip keeps your personal information totally secure. Since only specialized scanners at vets’ offices and animal shelters can read your pet’s microchip, only veterinary professionals will be able to discover your contact information.

Does your pet need a microchip? Do you have more questions about pet identification? Call your Indianapolis, IN vet’s office for help.

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