Why is My Cat Panting?

Panting is a behavior that we normally associate with our canine friends. But cats can pant, too. Sometimes, this behavior is normal, and sometimes it indicates a cause for concern. Your vet Rochester, NY tells you more below.

When Panting is Normal

Some cats might pant occasionally for the same reasons that dogs do—after strenuous exercise, when they’re stressed or anxious, or when they’re overheated. If you know that your cat is panting for one of these reasons (perhaps while you’re taking them to the vet’s office!) there usually isn’t cause for concern.

Causes of Problematic Panting

Various health issues could lead to panting in cats, including heartworm infestation, asthma or other respiratory disorders, anemia, chronic or acute pain, and even congestive heart failure.

How to Respond to Your Cat’s Panting

If you think that your cat’s painting is in response to stress or over-exercise, allowing them to rest and cool off will probably resolve the issue. But if these scenarios aren’t at play, something might be medically wrong. You’ll want to take your cat to the vet’s office for a professional examination just to be safe.

Set up your cat’s next appointment at your veterinarians Rochester, NY.

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