Why Microchips Are Beneficial to You and Your Pet

Have you ever heard of pet microchips? They’re the simplest and best way to keep your animal friend identified properly. Here, your Oshawa, ON veterinarian tells you about their various benefits.

Secure Identification

Some pets may be able to remove a collar containing ID tags by ripping it off or chewing it away. Pets can also get the collar snagged on something by accident, unlatching it and leaving themselves unidentified. Microchips are implanted under the skin—you never have to worry about the security of your pet’s identification, even if Fido escapes.

Ease of Updating

Getting a new telephone number? Having a change of address? You don’t have to purchase an entirely new chip. Simply contact the chip manufacturer, and they can update their database with your pet’s new contact information. It only takes a few moments!

Quick, Painless, and Inexpensive

The microchipping procedure is quick and painless for your animal companion. Plus, microchips are inexpensive, usually ranging between $30 and $80. They’re well worth the peace of mind they bring!

Do you have further questions about pet identification? Ready to get your animal companion outfitted with a microchip? Set up an appointment today to see your Vet Oshawa, ON.

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