Why Playing With Your Cat or Dog is Essential

Playing with your cat or dog isn’t just about having a lot of fun. While it certainly accomplishes that, playtime is essential for health and wellness! Learn more here from a Lakewood Ranch, FL veterinarian.

Physical Exercise

Of course, having your pet move around daily gets them to burn calories, staving off weight gain and keeping the joints and muscles limber. A well-exercised pet is bound to happier and healthier than one who lives a sedentary lifestyle. Ask your vet about specific exercise routines for your pet’s needs.

Mental Stimulation

Pets who mope around bored all day don’t get much mental stimulation, and are therefore more likely to act out inappropriately. You can avoid a lot of the hassles of destruction, vocalizations, and more by simply exercising your pet on a regular basis. This is especially helpful for young pets who need an outlet for their boundless energy.

Pet/Owner Bonding Time

Don’t forget that regular playtime counts as quality bonding time between you and your pet. The relationship you have with an animal companion is one of the greatest you’ll ever know—strengthen and maintain that connection with playtime.

Talk to your vet clinic Lakewood Ranch, FL for more playtime advice.


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