Why Spaying and Neutering is So Important

Many people think that spaying and neutering is just about preventing unwanted litters. While the procedure certainly does do that, it’s also about much more! Learn more below from a vet in Scottsdale, AZ.

Health Benefits

Having your pet spayed or neutered eliminates the risk of genital cancers, and it also greatly reduces the likelihood of breast and prostate cancers. In addition, common issues like urinary tract infections are far less likely to be diagnosed in pets who have been spayed or neutered.

Behavioral Benefits

On the whole, pets who aren’t spayed or neutered behave far worse than those who have been. Intact pets are more likely to exhibit aggression toward owners or other pets, soil the house, spray urine, vocalize loudly, attempt to escape, dig, chew, scratch, and more. Avoid many of these hassles initially; have your pet spayed or neutered early on in life.

Homeless Pet Population

Of course, spaying and neutering impacts the greater good by cutting down on the homeless pet population. If you don’t have your pet fixed, you’re only contributing to the problem!

Does your pet need spayed or neutered? Set up an appointment to see your veterinary clinic Scottsdale, AZ as soon as possible.

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