Xylitol and Your Doggy

Xylitol isn’t a household name, but it’s a common and dangerous pet poison. It’s an artificial sugar that’s found in many gums, candies, and baked goods—it’s fine for humans but very bad for pets! Learn more here from a Burlington, ON vet.

Symptoms of Poisoning

Symptoms of xylitol poisoning can manifest in as little as 30 minutes or so after ingestion by your pet. They include drooling, lethargy and weakness, uncoordinated movements, vomiting, diarrhea, and—without treatment—seizures, coma, and death.


Rush your pet to the vet’s office if you know or suspect that they’ve ingested xylitol. Vomiting may need to be induced, or activated charcoal may be administered to absorb the remaining poisoning in the gut. A pet recovering from xylitol poisoning might need fluid therapy, oxygen supplementation, or other supportive measures.

How to Prevent the Problem

Preventing xylitol poisoning is as easy as restricting your pet’s access to any and all foods that contain it, including chocolate, candy, and toothpaste. Check the ingredients list on all products you bring into your home, and store hazardous materials in places where pets can’t reach them.

For more information on xylitol and pets, call your animal hospital Burlington, ON.

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