Your Cat’s Diet

What food a cat eats depends greatly on their age. Is your feline friend receiving the proper nutrition? Below, your Lafayette, LA vet offers a crash course on your cat’s age-appropriate diet.


Newborn kittens will need their mother’s milk, or a commercial milk substitute if the mother isn’t available, to receive the essential nutrients for early life. As they age, a soft kitten food will be given, eventually transitioning into a hard kitten kibble. Ask your vet for recommendations and advice.

Adult Cats

Your middle-aged cat should be given a high-quality adult cat diet, widely available at pet supply stores or retail chains. This way, they’ll revive the essential nutrients to live a long, healthy life.

Senior Felines

By the time your cat is aged, their nutritional needs are quite different. All cats of about seven or eight should be starting to eat a specially formulated senior diet, made just for the needs of older felines. Feel free to ask your veterinarian for a recommendation, as well as advice on transitioning your cat to a new food.

For more information on your cat’s dietary requirements and overall health, call your veterinary clinic Lafayette, LA. We are here to help!

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