Your Cat’s Tail Language

Aside from vocalizations like meows and purrs, your cat’s primary way of communicating is with her tail. Have you ever wondered what Fluffy’s rear appendage is saying? Learn about some of the basics here from a Rochester, NY vet:

Straight Up

When a cat holds the tail straight up in a rigid manner, she’s feeling self-confident and assured. She’ll probably be strutting her stuff around the house when the tail is held in this position, and she’s likely to be accepting of a petting session.

Gentle Curve

Generally, a tail held in a gentle curve means that your cat is feeling amused and playful. Oblige your feline friend with some playtime fun. Make sure Fluffy has plenty of toys to keep her occupied.


This one’s obvious—if you see your cat’s tail puffed up, often accompanied with wide eyes and a hissing noise, she’s alarmed and ready to defend herself. You’ll usually see this when your cat is startled by another pet or stranger in the house.

Keep in mind that all cats are different. The above descriptions are by no means hard and fast rules! For more information on your cat’s body language, call your animal hospital Rochester, NY.

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