Your Dog and Moving

It happens in most everyone’s lives. At some point you will probably move from one home to another. But what do you do with your dog when you go? There are several things to consider. Ask your Indianapolis vet for the best advice.


Keep in mind when looking for other places to live that a rental might or might not permit a pet. Usually there will be some sort of a pet deposit that’s there for the eventuality. Make sure beforehand that your dog can stay. Check with your Indianapolis vet for information on pet care.

The Moving Day

It can be a difficult one, and the door will most likely be open most of the time. It’s usually best to try and have your dog taken care of by a family member. You can also often have them boarded at your Indianapolis vet. This just helps to make sure he or she doesn’t get lost on top of the stressful move!

Just make sure that you plan for all of your needs. Make your pet comfortable in the new home. For more advice on helping with the transition, check with your Indianapolis vet.


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