Your Guinea Pig’s Care Needs

Are you thinking of adding a guinea pig to your household soon? These little critters make wonderful pets! Here, your vet Tampa, FL tells you about some of the basic care needs of guinea pigs.


Guinea pigs need a regular supply of timothy hay, and they’ll also be fed a commercial pellet diet. These foods will be supplemented on a daily basis with fresh fruits and vegetables—your guinea pig might like carrots, zucchini, kiwi, apple slices, cucumbers, and more. Consult your vet for further information about your pet’s diet.


Your guinea pig’s cage must be large enough to accommodate a food dish, water bottle, exercise space, hiding huts, and toys. The bottom must be solid so that your guinea pig’s bedding—usually a wood-shaving substrate material—can be scooped out and changed regularly.

Handling Tips

Guinea pigs can often be skittish pets, especially if they’re not used to human contact. Be patient with your pig, and try to gently handle them daily so that they get used to the sensation. Talk to your vet for further specifics on the handling of guinea pigs.

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