Your Pet and Marijuana

Marijuana continues to see legalization in various states and municipalities across the country. As a result, veterinarians have seen an increase in marijuana ingestion and poisoning in pets! Whether or not you indulge in the drug yourself, it has serious consequences for pets. Learn more below from your pet clinic Savannah, GA.

Can Pets Get High?

Yes. The psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana (tetrahydrocannabinol, abbreviated as THC) affects your pet the same way it affects you. The difference is that pets are much smaller than humans, so the drug has a much greater effect. Plus, your pet wouldn’t be prepared for the sensations the way you are.

What Does Marijuana Poisoning Consist Of?

Symptoms of THC poisoning in pets include incontinence, hypersensitivity to touch and sound, and coordination loss. Note that “edibles,” foods that use marijuana as an ingredient, are also hazardous to your pet’s health. They may contain sugar, fat, butter, or other ingredients that aren’t safe for pets.

What If My Pet Ingests Marijuana?

If your pet has ingested marijuana, take them to the veterinary emergency room. Vomiting may need to be induced to rid your pet’s stomach of the poison.

Learn more by calling your animal hospital Savannah, GA.

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