Building Your Dog’s Emergency Kit

If an emergency situation crops up out of nowhere, will you be prepared? What will become of your pet? It’s best to prepare yourself ahead of time! Use a pet emergency kit to do just that—learn more here from a vet Gresham, OR.

First-Aid Essentials

Include first-aid supplies like gauze, bandages, a styptic pen, tweezers, scissors, a pet-safe disinfectant, and a pet thermometer. Or, you can buy a pre-made first aid kit for pets. You’ll also want to include a supply of any medicines your pet takes. 

Medical Records

Pack important medical records like proof of vaccination, documentation of recent surgeries, etc. in a sealed waterproof bag. These documents can be important if you visit an unfamiliar veterinary clinic or shelter, especially one that’s out-of-state. 

Long-Term Supplies

You’ll want to be prepared at a moment’s notice if a disaster of some kind hurricane, flood, wildfire, chemical spill, etc.—forces you and your pet away from home for a time. Consider packing a pet bed, blankets, canned food, and a can opener, bottled water, and food and water dishes in your emergency kit. 

Want more advice on pet safety? We’re here to help. Contact your veterinarians Gresham, OR right away.

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