Can Dog Ownership Improve Your Health?

The short answer is yes, owning a dog can indeed have positive impacts on your health. That’s right, our canine companions offer a lot more than loyal companionship and love! Below, your veterinarian Orange Park, FL explains how dog ownership can be good for you. 

More exercise. 

Dogs need walks, almost every day. And that means they’re not the only ones getting good exercise. Walking your dog and romping around with them during play sessions is just as good for you as it is for them! 

Less stress.

Pet owners tend to be less stressed than non-pet owners. Perhaps that’s because you have a trusted confidant by your side at all times! It’s especially helpful for those who live alone or for individuals who are extremely shy. 

Better heart health. 

Dog owners tend to have better heart health than non-dog owners. Their cholesterol and blood pressure levels are lower, and they tend to recover from heart attacks faster than non-dog owners. Plus, the combination of exercise and lower stress levels is great for the heart, too! 

Make sure you return the favor and keep your dog in good health. Set up their next appointment with your vet Orange Park, FL.

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