Care Tips for Large-Breed Dogs

Are you the proud owner of a large-breed dog, such as a Mastiff or Great Dane? These loveable dogs are giant balls of love, and they come with some special care considerations. Learn more below from a veterinarian Ellicott City, MD. 

Feed them right.

The nutritional needs of a large dog are rather different than those of a small pooch, like a Chihuahua or a Pekingese. Feed your large dog accordingly. Ask your vet to recommend a high-quality food made for the needs of large dogs, and don’t forget to ask about the right portion size.

Train them well.

It’s easy for a large dog to wreak havoc even when they don’t mean to, simply because of their size. That’s why training is so important for our giant breed companions. Take time to train your dog well in basic obedience. 

Pay attention to health concerns. 

Large dogs are at a greater risk of arthritis and a condition called bloat, characterized by a dangerous twisting of the stomach, among other concerns. Do your research so you’re well aware of large-breed health concerns. That way, you know what to look out for.

Call your animal hospital Ellicott City, MD to learn more.

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