Cold Weather Pet Toxins

There are toxins that can harm our pets at any time of the year, but a few crop up during cold weather that are important to note. Read on as your veterinary clinic New Orleans, LA tells you about a few winter-weather pet toxins to watch out for. 


We add antifreeze to our cars’ engines to keep them running when it’s cold. Did you know that antifreeze often contains ethylene glycol, a toxic alcohol? It smells and tastes sweet, which could attract pets. Use antifreeze carefully; clean up spills immediately and store it properly where pets can’t reach. 

Pesticides and Rodenticides

Rodent critters and insects sometimes invade our homes in the winter, seeking warmth. You might combat the problem with pesticides or rodenticides, which of course can poison house pets, too. Place these products with extreme caution.

Human Medication

As cold a flu season ramps up, you probably have more medications floating around your home. Be aware that things like common painkillers, cough syrup, and prescription drugs can harm a pet who manages to ingest them. Don’t let your pet get their paws on any!

Talk to your animal hospital New Orleans, LA for more advice on avoiding cold-weather pet toxins.

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