Consider These Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Are you allergic to pet dander? It can be heartbreaking to think you might never be comfortable owning a cat. But there are hypoallergenic breeds that might provide a perfect solution. Learn more here as your pet clinic Washington DC tells you about three hypoallergenic cats: 

The Sphynx

Sphynxes are known as “hairless” cats even though they’re really covered with a fine down. Nonetheless, they’re unlikely to cause allergy problems the way fully coated cats would. And Sphynxes make wonderful pets for almost any family! 

The Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is an independent cat, but tends to be very affectionate when its family members are around. They’re great for working families for just this reason. And the Devon Rex doesn’t shed a lot of dander, so allergies should be minimal. 

The Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a playful, affectionate cat just like the Devon Rex, and it’s equally hypoallergenic. It’s also one of the most unique breeds out there! As long as a Cornish Rex gets enough attention, it will make a great pet.

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