Disaster Preparedness for Pets

We certainly hope that a disaster situation never affects you or your pet. But it’s entirely possible, frightening as it may be. Read on for some tips on disaster preparedness for pet owners as your pet clinic New Orleans, LA tells you more.

Emergency Kit

Pack a pet-specific emergency kit that you can easily grab should you need to leave home. Include first-aid supplies, several cans of food and some bottled water, a collar and leash, and a soft blanket. You’ll also want to pack a supply of any medications your pet takes.

Evacuation Plan

Think ahead of time about your evacuation route out of town. It’s entirely possible for a natural disaster like a hurricane or flood, or a man-made accident like a chemical spill, to force you away from home. Make sure to consider what kind of lodging—hotels, a family member or friend’s home—will allow you to stay there with a pet.

Proper Identification

In the chaos of an emergency or disaster, it’s far too easy for your pet to get lost. Identify them properly with a microchip and ID tags.

Call your animal hospital New Orleans, LA if your pet needs identification measures. We’re here for you!

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