Does My Pet Need Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are an essential type of nutrient for humans. And it turns out they’re just as important for pets, too. Below, your vets New Orleans, LA tells you about just a few of the reasons your pet needs antioxidants in their diet:

They’re good for immune-system health.

Antioxidants, as their name implies, combat oxygen. And free radicals, or harmful agents in your pet’s system that destroy cells and cause disease, are full of oxygen. So, antioxidants work against free radicals to keep your pet healthier. 

They can help combat the effects of aging.

Nothing can truly stop the effects of time. But antioxidants have been shown to boost brain health in older pets, so they’re a good way to help your older animal friend maintain cognitive function. Who knew? 

They keep food fresh.

Oxygen is one of the enemies of fresh food. That’s why antioxidants are almost always included in dry and wet pet food—they keep food fresher for longer! 

Ask your vet for more information about antioxidants, and whether or not your pet is getting the proper nutrients in their diet. Your veterinarians in New Orleans, LA is here to help with all of your most important pet-care needs!

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