How to Combat Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes like to bite pets just as much as they like to bite humans. And they can transmit dangerous diseases to your animal companion, like West Nile virus and heartworm. Use these steps from veterinarians Wichita, KS to combat the problem and keep your pet safe. 

Use preventatives. 

Step number one is to make sure your pet is wearing a quality heartworm preventative. That way, even if mosquitoes bite your pet and transmit heartworm larvae into their bloodstream, those larvae will be killed before causing any problems. And heartworm preventatives help protect against intestinal worms like roundworms and hookworms, too. 

Trim back dense shrubbery.

Dense shrubs and tall grasses tend to attract mosquitoes, not to mention other pests. Trimming these areas and keeping your landscaping tidy is a great way to keep pests to a minimum, mosquitoes included. 

Clean up the yard. 

Mosquitoes like to breed in still water, so remove anything in your yard that holds standing water, like bird feeders, plant pots, or old tires. Get rid of any garbage or food that could be attracting pests. 

Contact your trusted veterinary clinic in Wichita, KS for further advice on keeping your pet safe from mosquitoes and other outdoor pests.

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