Is My Dog Colorblind?

Many people will tell you that dogs are completely colorblind, seeing only in black, white, and shades of grey. It turns out that this isn’t entirely true. Here, your veterinarian Plano, TX tells you more about your dog’s perception of color and how he sees the world. 

Are Dogs Completely Colorblind? 

Dogs are blind to certain colors, but not all—this is the same thing that people with colorblindness experience. For Fido, some colors aren’t as vivid as others, some colors are seen better than others, and different shades of the same color can often be difficult to distinguish. 

How Does Fido Perceive the World? 

Dogs have a form of red-green colorblindness because they don’t have red-green cones in the eyeball as humans do. So, your dog’s eyes see mostly in grayish brown, shades of dull yellow, some greens, and dark and light blue. Things are dull, but not completely colorless! 

Does My Dog Have Night Vision?

Dog eyes are much stronger than humans’ in the dark. That’s mostly thanks to the tapetum lucidum, an extra reflector behind the retina that boosts low-light vision. It’s also why your pup’s eyes “glow” at night!

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