Is Play Really That Important for Fido?

Everyone knows that dogs like to play. And any veterinarian will tell you that play is a very important component of your dog’s overall wellness. Here, your vet Sarasota, FL tells you why. 

Great Exercise

The first reason that dogs need playtime is that it offers great exercise. Every dog needs physical activity to stay healthy and trim. Coupled with a great diet, regular exercise through play is a recipe for lifelong health!

Better Behavior

When dogs are cooped up indoors all day with no outlet for their energy, they tend to act out in undesirable ways. You can play with your dog to avoid a lot of that. Schedule a fun play session with a favorite toy—your dog will thank you. It’s as good for the mind as it is for the body! 

Bonding Time

Another benefit of regular playtime for dogs is that it provides key bonding time between pet and owner. It’s a great way of strengthening the relationship that you and your dog share—and that’s truly important. 

Does your dog need veterinary attention? Wondering about the best play techniques for your dog? We can help. Set up an office appointment with your animal hospital Sarasota, FL.

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