Learn More About Your Cat’s Whiskers

We’re so used to looking at our feline friends that it’s easy to forget about one prominent feature: whiskers. Have you ever wanted to know more about this fascinating part of your cat’s anatomy? Read on as your veterinarians Webster, NY tells you more. 

What Do Whiskers Do?

Whiskers are extremely sensitive because of the cluster of nerves at the base of each one. They’re powerful sensory organs because of this—whiskers can detect changes in air currents, and they also determine the size, shape, and texture of objects and surfaces in your cat’s environment. It helps your cat to paint a picture of her world, along with other senses like sight and touch.

Can They Indicate Fluffy’s Mood?

Yes, you can tell how your cat is feeling based on the whisker position. When they’re sticking straight out like normal, your cat is feeling calm and relaxed. If they’re pulled back sharply across the cheeks, she’s alarmed or on high alert. 

Should I Trim the Whiskers?

No—never trim your cat’s whiskers. It would be like removing an entire sense, and your cat could become very disoriented and sick.

Learn more about your cat’s health by contacting your veterinary clinic Webster, NY.

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