Myths About Rescue Pets and Animal Shelters

Rescue pets and animal shelters sometimes get a bad rap, thanks to the nature of rescue work. But you shouldn’t believe everything you hear! Below, your veterinarian London, ON clears things up on a few common myths.

Rescue Pets Behave Poorly

This isn’t true. Rescue pets are often perfectly well-behaved and may have even lived with families before. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that rescue pets are all untrained, poorly behaved critters! 

Rescue Pets Are Dirty

Think all shelters and the pets in them are dirty and unkempt? Think again. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Shelter staff work hard to ensure all facilities are clean and sanitized; in fact, it’s essential for the prevention of disease. 

Rescue Pets Are Expensive

False. Almost always, adopting a pet from a shelter is far less expensive than purchasing one from a pet store or breeder. Plus, rescue pets usually have initial vaccinations, microchip identification, and other key care steps already taken care of, saving you more money at the outset. 

Have you recently adopted a pet? Planning on adopting one soon? They’ll need their initial veterinary exam! Call your veterinarians London, ON today to set up an office appointment.

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