Pet Probiotics: Does My Companion Need One?

Have you ever heard of probiotics? They’re common in the world of human health and food, but you might be surprised to learn that they can also be useful for pets. Learn more here from a pet clinic Sarasota, FL. 

What are probiotics, anyway? 

Probiotics are “good” microbes found in your pet’s small and large intestines. They keep “bad” microbes at bay and also help to digest food, destroy pathogens, and manufacture vitamins and other important nutrients. 

Probiotics for pets might come in capsule or tablet form, or they might be found in a yogurt or kefir product made for animals. 

What do they do for pets?

Probiotics are usually given to pets for help with some kind of digestive issue, as they help with regulating digestive health. Probiotics can also help treat infections or infestations, and even minimize stress and anxiety levels. 

Does my pet need a probiotic? 

Ask your vet before giving your pet a probiotic supplement. They’re not needed by every pet, but they could be useful for your animal friend if your veterinarian gives you the go-ahead. 

Want to learn more about your pet’s dietary needs and probiotics in particular? Call your veterinarian Sarasota, FL today.

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