Signs of Allergies in Dogs

Allergies are something that many dogs suffer from, and there are various kinds—environmental, food allergies, toxins, and more. The question is, how do you know if your dog has allergies? Learn about the typical signs below from a veterinarian Murrieta, CA. 

Persistent Scratching

Since allergies tend to cause severe itchiness, you’ll probably notice your dog scratching more than usual if he or she suffers from allergies. They’re especially likely to scratch at the feet, groin, belly or chest, ears, or eyes. Prolonged scratching can even result in scabbed areas on the skin, odors, and hair loss. 

Chronic Ear Infections

Does your dog seem to keep getting ear infections over and over? Chronic ear infections are often caused by allergies. Without treatment, your dog’s ears can become smelly, raw, or thickened. 

Hot Spots

Hot spots are red, inflamed areas of skin that appear around the body, and one possible cause is because of your dog’s persistent licking and scratching in response to allergies. If you’ve noticed hot spots cropping up around your dog’s body, allergies could be to blame. 

Call your pet clinic Murrieta, CA if you think your dog might have allergies. We’re here to help your pup feel better!

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