The Benefits of Adopting Older Pets

Are you considering adopting a pet soon? You might want to consider an older animal, rather than a puppy or kitten. Our older companions offer plenty of great benefits! Learn more here from a pet clinic Lewisville, TX.

They’re Low-Energy

Generally speaking, older pets aren’t as rambunctious as younger ones. Your aging companion will probably be content to relax around the house for most of the day, provided they get their daily exercise, of course. That’s a great option for someone who isn’t looking to keep up after a puppy or kitten all day!

They’re Used to Families

Many adoptable older pets have already lived with human families. This means that they’re more likely to be entirely potty-trained, and they might know commands and tricks. This makes transitioning an older pet into your home much easier.

They Need Homes, Too

Another benefit of adopting an older pet is that you’ll know you’ve done something good. Sometimes, older animals are overlooked in shelters in favor of younger ones—when you adopt an older companion, you’ll know you saved a life in need!

Does your new addition need a veterinary checkup? Set up an office appointment here at your veterinarians Lewisville, TX.

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