The Benefits of Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Holistic medicine is becoming more and more popular for pets as we continue to see how it can benefit humans. But what exactly can this modality of care do for our four-legged friends? Learn more about the benefits of holistic veterinary medicine in this article from vets Gresham, OR. 

There are plenty of options.

Acupuncture, food therapy, massage, Chinese herbal medicine, ozone and UVB light therapy, and chiropractic care are just a few examples of holistic veterinary care techniques. This gives veterinarians a wide range of care options to choose from, making it that much more likely that it will benefit your pet. 

Holistic medicine is preventative.

Many of the care techniques listed above are preventative in nature, helping your pet to avoid health problems before they take hold. Don’t think of the vet’s office as a place you go once your pet is sick—think of it as a place to keep your pet healthy. 

It’s all-natural. 

One of the great things about holistic approaches is that they’re all-natural. You don’t have to worry about chemicals or other man-made substances as a part of the treatment process. 

Talk to your veterinarians Gresham, OR for more information on holistic medicine.

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