The Benefits of Pet Microchips

Does your pet have a microchip? There’s nothing wrong with ID tags on the collar, but microchips do offer several advantages. In fact, most pet owners use both! Learn more about the benefits of microchips in this article from vets Davie, FL. 

They’re effective. 

Microchips provide constant and secure identification. They can’t be removed by your pet either accidentally or on purpose. Even if your pet escapes without warning, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re properly identified. 

They’re inexpensive. 

Microchips are extremely cost-effective as well. They’re not expensive, and you should only have to purchase one for your pet’s entire lifetime. Even if your contact information like a telephone number or address changes, you can simply update your pet’s records with the microchip manufacturer. Your pet keeps the same chip the whole time. 

The procedure is quick and painless.

The microchip unit itself is inserted under your pet’s skin with a specialized hypodermic needle-like device. It only takes a moment and your pet will hardly feel a thing. The implant procedure couldn’t be easier! 

To get your pet set up with microchip identification, contact your veterinarian Davie, FL. We’re here to help with your pet’s care needs.

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