The Importance of Litter Box Location

Where is your cat’s bathroom box located? It turns out that our feline friends can be rather picky about this sort of thing. Read on to find out where your pet clinic Roanoke, VA recommends you place the litter box in your home.

Quiet Zone

Who wants to use the bathroom in a crowded, noisy area? Your cat certainly doesn’t. Put the litter box in a quiet location away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the family. That way, your pet can do her business in peace.

Far From Food

Just like you, your cat doesn’t prefer to eat right next to where she uses the bathroom. So make a point to keep your cat’s food and water dishes in a completely separate area than the litter box. Cats have been known to avoid their litter box, or stop eating and drinking if these two spots are in close proximity!

Easy Access for Fluffy

Remember that it’s easy for a screen door, swinging door, boxes, or other obstacles to block your cat’s path to her bathroom. Make sure Fluffy has easy access to her box at all times.

Contact your animal hospital Roanoke, VA for your cat’s next checkup.

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