Understanding Pink Eye in Dogs

Did you know that dogs can get pink eye, just like humans can? Known medically as conjunctivitis, pink eye certainly doesn’t look pretty—and it definitely requires veterinary attention. Learn more here from a veterinary clinic in Spring Valley, CA.


Conjunctivitis can occur completely on its own, or it can by symptomatic of an underlying disease or condition. As a result, there are many possible causes, including bacterial infections, viral infections, foreign bodies in the eye, glaucoma, physical eye trauma, and even allergies.


Conjunctivitis means inflammation of the conjunctiva or the tissues around your dog’s eyes. Therefore, the main symptom is a red, inflamed eye or eyelid. Additional symptoms included eye discharge, pawing at the eyes, constant blinking, and increased tear production.

Treating the Problem

First, your vet will conduct a full eye exam to diagnose pink eye definitively. After that, treatment will depend on the underlying cause. In most cases, anti-inflammatory medication can be given to lessen redness and swelling.

To learn more about pink eye, or to set up an appointment at the office to have your pet examined, contact your vets Spring Valley, CA today. We’re here to help with your most important pet care needs!

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