Water Safety Tips for Dogs

Do you have a backyard pool or a lake or pond near your home? Your dog may love to go swimming in these bodies of water, but make sure he or she stays safe. Here are a few tips from a veterinarian Newmarket, ON.

Can Your Dog Swim?

First of all, ask yourself an important question: can your dog swim? Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs are strong swimmers, and you might be putting your dog in danger by encouraging him to get in the water.

Don’t Drink the Water

When your pup is enjoying a dip, make sure that he or she doesn’t drink the water. This applies whether your dog is swimming in a chlorine-filled pool or a public body of water. You don’t want them ingesting chlorine or potentially harmful bacteria found in lakes, ponds, and rivers!

Rinse-Off Thoroughly

When your dog is done swimming and gets out of the water, rinse out the coat thoroughly. Leaving chlorine, salt, and other grime in the coat will dry out the skin and fur dangerously.

Does your dog need veterinary attention? Want more safety tips on swimming with your dog? Contact your pet clinic Newmarket, ON today.

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